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High Pressure Injection Machine

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Product Name: IE-02 Pressure Regulating Injection Machine



The high pressure deliver the material to the center of wall crack,the chemical

diffuse from center to all direction.The chemical fast react with water and harden to plug up the crack permanently and reach water stop effect

surely.This constructing method use high pressure injection machine, injecting high pressure,big flow,thus can stop the water immediately. Especially for stop the big running water, this method has its magic part.Its inject point is from the center of the structure"s crack, so it is effective. It is very fast and efficient, especially for the cracks that is over 40cm thickness" concrete wall. 



Standard Packing

1.      The machine

2.      Accessories, including high pressure hose(4.5m), on&off valve, grease head.

3.      Standby tools


Construction Notes

1.      Check the screws in all parts of the machine are locked tightly.

2.      High pressure pipe is connected with the zerk tightly, no oil leaking out.

3.      There is a screw cap between bearing and piston, and there is a Teflon in it whose function is to resist oil leaking. But if there is oil leaking in this place when the machine is working, please adjust the screw cap to a proper position.

4.      The maximum pressure of this machine is about 10000 psi (about 70 Mpa), so pay attention to the pressure resistance of the injection packer, reduce the danger.(Recommend to use Ruth injection packer and zerk)

5.      Material applied to this machine can not contain cement or sand which will damage the machine.

6.      Do not use liquid without the viscosity (such as toluene, acetone, water, etc.) to test pressure.

7.        Special Note:
    1) P
rohibit the operating pressure over 70Mpa, overpressure           consequences:
a. equipment gear shaft load is too large easy to break.
b. high-pressure pipe easily broken.

   2) Do not
second start the machines in a pressure over 40Mpa, wait until the pressure returned to 20Mpa less.
   3) Turn off the power switch, then close the on-off valve.
   4) Clean the machine when it cool down to prevent d
8.Clean method: first clean the machine and high-pressure pipe with acetone or xylene, cycle 5 minutes.

9.Lubricate the machine with engine oil and properly collect it.


Safety Caution


1. Wear goggles and other safety equipment while operating the machine.
Stand stable on the ground, hands on the connecting rod handle, may not be directly hold in High-pressure pipe which may injure human body in case of pipe explosion.
Not use the equipment in explosive environments, such as gas, flammable liquids or dust areas.
. Attention to use electricity safely.
5. Avoid accidental start of the machine, cut the power off before machine adjusment or collection.
6. Avoid starting a broken machine, should be repaired as soon as possible.
7. Regular maintenance, keep the machine clean.
8. Maintenance of equipment, use original spare parts.
9. Stop using the high pressure pipe if there are any Deformation or other defects on the pipe.
. If use the high pressure pipe for more than 3 months or do not use for long time, should replace with new pipe.
. Children or people who are not familiar with this mahine shall not operate it.
12. R
ead this manual before operating.